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Essay on “Rising Market Price”
For: Class 11 and Class 12

This Essay is contributed by Mohit Joshi Studying in Class 11, Aishwarya Vidya Niketan, Dhangadhi, Kailali Nepal (Date: 2015)

The present world is modern and scientific. There are markets everywhere. In old times, people used to use to exchange goods as trade, but in the trade of present are buying goods by paying money in the market. Every good has its own price. The price of everything is sky rocketing now a day.

Market price is the price of goods popular in market. Increasing market price directly affect the consumption of a person. For example, if price of honey increase in market by 25%, then the consumption of honey is reduced by 20% if he/she bought honey for same price which is paid before increment. Rising market price affects the luxury of an individual. Rising market price affects in the development of a country or slows the pace of development in a country. Rising market price also hampers the health of consumers. Poor people can’t afford nutritious foods due to increased market price therefore, they have to eat unhealthy as well as well as stale food, which hampers health and further average life span of individual is also declined fees of tuition and educational institutes are also increased due to which poor people don’t get chance to study and further affects the literacy rate of the country. The average life span and literacy rate are the major components for measuring HDI hence; the increasing market price even affects the Human Development Index of a country.

In present time, the price of everything is increasing day by day. The main reasons of increasing price are natural calamities, corruption, etc. The business men for their own profit try to sell the goods in high price. If the value of USD decrease in the international market, the price of jewelries also increases, the fare of transportation is also increasing due to increase in price of petroleum products High consumption of petroleum products but limited quantity of petroleum products is the main reason in rising in the market price of petroleum products.Increasing market price is the important current affairs in the world. Many political parties are forming agenda for the declination in the market price. It is the present affair not only in the under development and developing country but also developed countries too.

Increasing market price has a few advantages too. For example, if the price of rum, whisky or any sorts of other alcoholic beverage increases then the number of its consumers decreases similarly, price of cigarettes, brown sugar, heroine, etc will increase then its consumers will gradually decrease due to which it saves money being spent on harmful thing as well as the government has to spend less money in the health sector.

There may be few advantages of the rising market price but rather than its advantages, there are more disadvantages of it. Increasing market price is not only problem of a single person but of the whole nation and the world too. So, everybody should focus on decreasing market price of everything. For this, conventional energy sources should be more. People should change their living standard and follow “Simple living high thinking” as well as corruption should also be controlled. Market price should be decreased for the welfare of all citizens, nation and the whole world too.

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