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CTEVT – Old Question Paper 2070 | English First Year

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English Question Paper - CTEVTQuestion Paper of English – Old is Gold
Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training(CTEVT)
Office of the Controller of Examinations
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Regular / Back Exam – 2070 (2013), Bhadra
Program: General Medicne / Pharmacy / Lab / Radiography / Dental Science9Dental Hygine) / Homeopathy / Opthalmic Science / Ayurveda)
Year / Part: First Year
Full Marks: 80 | Pass Marks: 32 | Time: 3 hrs
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicates full marks.

Attempt All Questions.

1. Arrange the following words in the correct alphabetical order. [3]
Xenia, Henograft, Xenobiotic, Xenogenetic, enoiagnoses, Xenophobia.

2. In which quarter of the dictionary are the following words found?[3]
i) Grateful    ii) Seal    iii) Truth   iv) Ladder   v) Lychee    vi) Apple

3. Put the following words in the correct order to make a suitable sentence. [5]
i) bus/ caught/ the/ he/ must/ have.
ii) angry/ she/ with/ is/ Sita.
iii) him/ made/ captain/ we.
iv) do/ this/ work/ do/ I ?
v) fond/ they/ cricket/ of/ are/ playing.

4. Correct the spelling of the following words. [4]
Centre colour traveler skilful labor programme travelling fullfil

5. Write a couple of paragraph on “Smoking is injurious for health”. [5]

6. Answer any one of the following questions. [10]
i) Draw a character sketch of Malini. [Malini]
ii) How were Carmen and Evangeline alike and different? [The Lost Doll]

7. Answer of the following questions. [3 X 5 = 15]
i) Explain the paradox “The child is the father of the man”. [My Heart Leaps up When I Behold]
ii) What is the central idea of “Unchopping a Tree” ? [Unchopping a Tree]
iii) Trace the various obstacles old Phonex comes up against. Describe how she deals with each. [A Worn Path]
iv) Is migraine a curable disease? What effect it have on migranious people? [In Bed]
v) According to the author, what will be the advantages of the fuel crisis? [The Nightmare Life Without Fuel]

8. Read the following passage and answer the question given below [5 X 2 = 10]
Internet is the network through which all the computers in the world get connected and transfer data to one another through any types of active or passive communication. Internet is not just a way of communication but a widely used mode of getting paying bill or booking tickets. Day by day internet usage is becoming increasingly popular, the importance of internet is always a successfully established and managed service from a common man’s perspective. New studies reveal that the internet is so fast in transferring information that it has outperformed newspapers and phonebooks. In US, almost 70% of adults use the internet regularly for getting information. The study shows 63% of people prefer to make online purchases by sitting at home. Not only for just shopping internet is good way for advertising as well. Thousand of people prefer to advertise online as it is easy cost effective and the fastest way to catch many attentions. Due to all these, internet has become a gigantic library and worldwide message board, it also acts as a telephone network and one of the most convenient modes of publishing medium. The best part is you can surf internet anytime you want as it is open 24 hour. From a common man’s perspective, usage of internet is an essential part of everyday’s work. It makes the difficult tasks easier and give us a lot of valuable information that we need before taking any action. Students use internet to read books and online materials, they also use internet to take tests as well. Unemployed mothers utilize the internet to do business and flexible internet jobs and also earn money. If we take a look, it is evident that internet is widely used by every age group in some or others ways. Whether to connect with a friends sitting in a faraway place or just getting some information about a movies, internet is best way to search and get all those benefits we want in each single day.

a) What is internet?
b) What do people think about the quality of service they get through internet?
c) Mention the use of internet for advertisement.
d) How do students use internet?
e) In what ways does internet help in everyday’s work?

9. Answer any one of the following questions in about 150 words for each. [2 X 7.5 = 15]
a) Write a letter to your friend in U.S.A. telling her about the political situation of your country.
b) Write an article about good and bad effects on the TV.
c) Review the film or book which you have recently seen or read.

10. Read the following examples and describe a person who is: [5]
Example: A vain person is a person who always keeps admiring himself.
a) Clumsy
b) Absent minded
c) Pessimist
d) Gossip
e) Inquisitive

11. Fill the gaps below with at, on, in or no preposition. [5]
I started a new job ….. in last Monday, ……. 9 o’clock. Monday was fine, but when I went in ……… Tuesday morning I was the only one there. I waited for a bit, but no one came, so at 11:30 I went home ……… the afternoon I phoned up my boss, and he told me that the office is closed ……. Tuesdays.

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