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Web Programming – BIM (TU) Question Paper 2015 | Third Semester

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Web ProgrammingTribhuvan University | Faculty of Management
BIM / Third Semester / IT 2015: Web Programming – I
Year: 2015

Candidates are required to answer all the questions in their own words as far as practicable.
Full Marks: 40 | Time: 2 Hrs

Group “A”
Brief Answer Questions: [10 X 1 = 10]

1. Why is <head> tag used in HTML file?
2. List HTML elements that are used to add quotations or citations in a web page.
3. What is the use of <span> element?
4. How link from one part of the page to another part of the same page is created?
5. What is the use of <img> tag?
6. List the possible values of overflow property.
7. How can you cange the color of visited link using CSS?
8. In JavaScript, if you have not given any value to a variable then what value that variable will hold?
9. What would be the output of the following JavaScript program?

<script type="text/JavaScript">
myString = "judge";
myString = myString.chartAt(2);
myString = myString.toUpperCase();

10. How will you create array in JavaScript?

Group “B”
Exercise Problems” [5 X 4 = 20]

11. Write HTML code to produce the following output.

Tom hanksForest Camp
 Green Mile

12. Make a HTML form that has following fields: Username, Password, Gender (Male, Female), Interest (Travelling, Singing) and Photo Upload.
13. Write a program in JavaScript that asks two numbers with use and display the sum of those two numbers.
14. Write JavaScript code to validate user submitted data- Username, Password and Phone.
[Hint: None of the fields are blank, password is at least 6 characters long and phone number contains 7 digits.]
15. Write JavaScript code to create and array that holds following musical instruments – murchunga madal and sarangi. Convert that array into string and print that array.

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