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Software Engineering – BIM (TU) Question Paper 2014 | Sixth Semester

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Software engineeringTribhuvan University | Faculty of Management
BIM / Sixth Semester / ITC 225: Software Engineering
Year: 2014 (2071)

Full Marks: 40 | Time: 2 Hrs
Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Group “A” – 1. Brief Answer Questions: [10 X 1 = 10]

i. Define system engineering.
ii. What do you mean by ethnography?
iii. Define modular decomposition.
iv. Why functional and non-functional requirements must be considered together while preparing software specification?
v. What is prototype?
vi. What is extreme programming?
vii. What is system procurement?
viii. Why is it necessary to verify software requirements?
ix. Is it necessary to test the integration of modules of each of the modules are functioning properly?
x. Define enduring requirements with example.

Group “B” – Short Answer Questions: [5 X 3 = 15]

2. How quality management results in better software product? Support you answer.
3. Explain SCRUM.
4. Explain the risk management process.
5. “A good test depends on the quality of test cases”. Do you agree with this statement? Explain with a valid and reasonable example.
6. For what purpose activity network diagram is made? Explain.

Group “C” – Long Answer Questions: [3 X 5 = 15]

7. How do you estimate cost of a software project? Explain Algorithmic cost modeling technique.
8. What are different control modeis found in software project? Explain event-driven control model.
9. What is software inspection? Explain software inspection process. List the fault identified through inspections.

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