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Research Methodology – BBA Pokhara University (PU) | Fourth Semester Syllabus

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Business ResearchPokhara University (PU)
Research Methodology – Syllabus
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
For: Second Year | Fourth Semester
RCH 101.3 | Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:
This course aims to familiarized students with the basic concepts of research methodology as used in business administration with a view to develop their capability to conduct small research projects and write effective research reports.

Course Contents:

  1. Research in Business: 5 hours
    Research in business administration, Applying scientific thinking to business administration problems, The research process, Role of research in business administration, Nature of business research, Ethics in business research
  2. Review of Literature: 6 hours
    Concept and need for review of literature, Steps in review of literature, Organizing library findings, Evaluating the literature, Recording references, Developing a theoretical framework
  3. Sampling: 4 hours
    Concept of sample and sampling, Sampling process and problems, Types of samples: probability and non probability sampling, Determination of the sample size, Sampling and non-sampling errors
  4. Measurement and Scaling: 5 hours
    Variable and its types, Nature of measurement, Reliability and validity, Nature of scaling, Response methods, Scale construction
  5. Research Designs: 6 hours
    Descriptive (historical, exploratory, case study and developmental), Comparative (correlational and causal-comparative), Experimental, and Qualitative research designs
  6. Problem and Hypothesis Formulation: 6 hours
    Concept of a problem, Steps in problem formulation, Research questions, Characteristics of a well formulated problem, Concept and formulation of hypothesis
  7. The Research Proposal: 2 hours
    Topic selection, criteria of topic selection, purpose of research proposal, contents of research proposal.
  8. Data Collection Instruments: 6 hours
    Methods of collecting primary data, Questionnaire designing, Research interview, Exploration and use of secondary data, Coding, editing, and tabulating
  9. Data Analysis: 4 hours
    Presenting data in tables, graphs and diagrams, Use of descriptive and inferential statistical techniques in data analysis and interpretation of results, Concept and importance of qualitative data analysis
  10. Research Report Writing: 4 hours
    Concept and purposes of report writing and presentation, Types of reports, Components and layout of various types of reports, Essentials of a good report

Text Books:

  1. Donald Cooper and Pamela Schindler: Business Research Methods (Sixth edition), TataMcGraw-Hill
  2. Howard K. Wolff and Prem R. Pant: Social Science Research and Thesis Writing, Buddha Academic Publishers and Distributors
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