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Programming Language – Question Paper 2014 | BCIS (PU) First Semester

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Programming LanguagePokhara University | Question Paper
Level: Bachelor | Semester: Spring
Programme: BCIS | Year: 2014
Course: Programming Language (New)

Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 45 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Section “A” – [10 X 2] – Very Short Answer Questions
Attempt all the questions. Give your answer in few lines.

1. What is programming language?
2. What are the different generations of computer languages?
3. Find out output of following program

int main()
Int a=10;
Return 0;

4. What is conditional operator?
5. Find out output of following program

int main()
int a[]={0,1,1,2,-5};
a[i] = a[i] – 6;
return 0;

6. What is function? Write the advantages of function.
7. Define a structure for a book and include members like book_ID, book_name, price, publication.
8. What is macro? Explain with suitable example.
9. What is pointer variable?
10. What are the file operations?

Section “B” – [6 X 10] – Descriptive Answer Questions
Attempt any six questions

11. Draw the block diagram of digital computer. Explain its components.
12. What is generation of computer? Explain the features of all the generations of computer with suitable example.
13. What is flow chart? Draw a flow chart to determine the largest number among the four numbers.
14. Explain the importance of looping statement. Write a program to generate Fibonacci series. (Note: Ask user to enter number a terms)
15. Write a program to find the row sum and column of sum of a matrix.
16. WAP to sort array in descending order by using malloc().
17. WAP to store records of student.dat files. Records contain name, Id, address, salary, date of birth. Display the name of that student whose address is starts from alphabet S.

Section “C” [20]

18. Display the following menu and perform the following operation on the basis of user choice from 1 to 5 by using switch case with user define function.

a. Sorting string in ascending order
b. Prime or Composite
c. Use of union
d. Reverse the given number
e. Exit

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