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Organizational Relations – BIM (TU) Question Paper 2014 | Seventh Semester

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Organizational RelationsTribhuvan University | Faculty of Management
BIM / Seventh Semester / MGT 203: Organizational Relations
Year: 2014 (2071) | Full Marks: 60 | Time: 3 Hrs

Group “A”
Brief Answer Questions: [10 X 1 = 10]

1. List out the job related attitudes.
2. Name the determinants of personality.
3. Mention the factors used by Fred Fiedler to define situation.
4. Give an example of the issue created by politically correct word.
5. What is functional conflict?
6. Mention the three critical psychological states described by job characteristic model of job design.
7. List out the merits of matrix structure.
8. What is management by objectives?
9. Define personal moderators to stress.
10. Define organizational development.

Group “B”
Short Answer Questions: [6 X 5 = 30]

11. Define organizational behavior. What modern managers need to study organizational behavior?
12. Define perception and explain the factor affecting perception.
13. What is work group? Explain the five-stage model of group development.
14. Define motivation. Elucidate the current issues in motivation.
15. Define organizational design. What relationship exists between organizational design and employee behavior?
16. What is planned change? Explain the techniques for managing planned change.

Group “C”
Comprehensive answer questions: [4 X 5 = 20]
17. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Ms. Lina had a graduate degree in foreign language. As the child of a diplomat’s family, she had visited many part of the world. Despite these broadening experiences, she had never given much thought to a carrer until her recent divorce. Needing to provide her own income, Ms. Lina beganto look for work. After unsuccessful search for a job related to her foreign language degree, she started to work as a typist in college and decided to look into secretarial work. Although she still wanted a career utilizing her foreign language skills, she felt that the immediate financial pressures would be cased in a temporary typist position. Within a month of her first job, she was hired as a clerk by a Life Insurance Company. Six month later, she was pleased to get a job that had more variety in the tasks to perform. Besides, she also got a nice raise in pay. Everything seemed to proceed well for the next nine month. Mr. Sujit was pleased with Lina’s work. Lina applied for a few other more professional jobs in other areas during this time. However, each time her application was rejected for lack of related education and/or experience in the area.

Over the next few months, Mr. Sujit noticed changes in Lina. She did not always dress as neatly as she had in the past, she was occasionally late for work, some of her lunches extended to two hours. Mr. Sujit did not wish to say anything because Lina had been doing an excellent job and her job tasks still were being accomplished on time. However, Lina’s job behavior continued to worsen. She began to be absent frequently. The two-hour lunch periods became standard, and her work performance began to deteriorate. In addition, Mr. Sujit began to suspect that Lina was drinking heavily. Mr. Sujit decided that he must confront Lina with the problem. However, he wanted to find the way to help her without losing a valuable employee. Before he could set up a meeting, Lina burst through his door after lunch one day and said:

“I want to talk to You Mr. Sujit”
“That’s fine,” Mr. Sujit replied.
“Shall we set a convenient time?”
“No! I want to talk now.”
“Ok, why don’t you sit down and let’s talk?”
Mr. Sujit noticed that Lina was slurring her words slightly.
“Mr. Sujit, I need some vacation time”
“Ok sure we can work that out. You’ve been with the company for over a year and have two weeks’ vacation coming.”
“No, you don’t understand. I want to start it tomorrow.”
“But, Lina, we need to plan to get a temporary replacement.”
“Anyway with and IQ above 50 can do my job. Besides, I need the time off. I just need some time away from the job”.

Mr. Sujit decided to let LIna have the vacation, which would allow him some time to decide what to do about the situation. He decided to meet the HR manager and get some help developing his options to deal with Lina’s problem.

a) What are the major issues in this case? Elaborate.
b) Did Mr. Sujit handle the situation timely and properly? Was there any way to avoid the problem at the beginning?
c) What could be the reasons behind worsening behavior of Ms. Lina?
d) Assume that you are the HR Manager. What would you recommend to Mr. Sujit?

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