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Great Scott! Gadzooks! – Four Levels | Adventures in English

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Roald DahlAdventure in English
Great Scott! Gadzooks! – Four Levels
Roald Dahl (1916 – 1990)

Literal Comprehension:
We should not allow our children to go near the Television set. If possible we should not install it at all. In nearly every home child watch TV until their eyes get tired. They sit and watch TV until they are spellbound and absolutely drunk with very bad things. We allow them to watch TV because they will not fight and do naughty things and they allow us to do our work freely. But we have never supposed that TV will kill their senses and imagination, that they do not understand the imaginary world and that they can not think at all. If you take the set away, they will be unhappy at first and then they will start reading good books as children in the past would do.

This poem might be trying to tell us that, the TV set has prevented children from reading books. It may also be interpreted to mean that parents are solely responsible for spoiling their children. they have thought of their convenience alone. They have never studied the bad inflect of TV programs on their children

Critical Thinking:
This poem has beautifully presented the trouble of every parent. It is true that children don’t read any good books a part from their text book. But the poem has ignored the advantage children get by watching TV. When classic was televised they will be interested in watching more such serious. When they don’t get such serials they borrow classics from the library and read them. More over TV helps them to imaging much more clearly. How does it kill their imagination Del.?

This poem has help me to understand why children passed most of their time before their TV set. It hypnotizes them. I also came to know why the younger generation thinks differently. They have taken in so many good as well as bad things from different sources including TV. Modern culture has been changing rapidly because of television.

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