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Fundamentals of Selling – BBS (TU Three Years) Question Paper 2068| Third Year

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Fundamentals of SellingTribhuvan University (TU)
B.B.S. Third(III) Year / MGMT
Fundamentals of Selling (MGT 333)
Concentration Area (Marketing)
Year: 2068 | Three Years Program

Full Marks: 10 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Section A – Short Answer Questions: [8 X 10 = 80]
Attempt any EIGHT questions.

1. What do you understand by selling concept? Show the difference between selling concept and marketing concept. [3 + 7]
2. List the non-selling jobs and state how they help in selling activities. [6 + 4]
3. Show the importance of two way communication in the sales job. [10]
4. What do you understand by consumer buyer and an organizational buyer? Show the difference between the consumer buying decision and organizational buying decision. [4 + 6]
5. Why is pricing terms, discount, and credit policies knowledge are essential for a salesman to be successful in selling job. [10]
6. Explain in brief the various methods of making appointments with the prospect. [10]
7. What do you understand by closing a sale? Explain any two methods of closing the sales. [4 + 6]
8. Explain the various ways to adjust customer’s complaints. [10[]
9. Show the difference between encoding and decoding of the message. [10]
10. Write sort notes on: (a) FOB price (b) Suspects (c) Outlined sales presentation [4 + 3 + 3]

Section B – Comprehensive Answer Questions [20]
Attempt any ONE question.

11. What are the common objections of the customers? Discus the effective methods for handling objections. [6 + 14]
12. “The success or failure of the business transaction depends on effective sales presentation. “ Clarify this statement. [20]

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