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Fundamentals of Marketing – BBS (TU Four Years) Question Paper 2073 | Second Year

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Fundamentals of MarketingTribhuvan University (TU)
B.B.S. (4 Years Program) / MGMT
Fundamentals of Marketing (MGT-214)
Year: 2073 / Second (II) Year

Full Marks: 100 | Time: 3 hrs.
Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group “A” – Brief Answer Question [10 X 2 = 20]
Attempt ALL questions.

1. Show your acquaintance with the term ‘e-marketing’.
2. Write down the features of marketing environment.
3. Point out the features of marketing intelligence system.
4. Give the meaning of branding.
5. State the importance of understanding buyers’ behavior in Nepalese market.
6. What are the key features of personal setting?
7. Suggest the appropriate pricing strategy for an innovative product in introduction stage of product life cycle.
8. How can we resolve channel conflicts? State any two methods.
9. Differentiate between wholesaler and retailer.
10. Give any four examples of sales promotion tools practiced in Nepalese marketing.

Group “B” – Descriptive Answer Questions [5 X 10 = 50]
Attempt FIVE questions.

11. “Market segmentation is customer oriented philosophy.” Justify.
12. What is marketing mix? Explain the various components of marketing mix.
13. Give the meaning of marketing research. Also explain the marketing research process.
14. What do you know about buyer’s behavior? Differentiate between consumer buying and organization buying.
15. Explain the meaning and features of shopping product.
16. Give short notes on any TWO:

i. Product positioning
ii. Psychological pricing strategy
iii. Selling concept of marketing

Group “C” – Analytical Answer Questions [2 X 15 = 30]
Attempt any TWO questions.

17. What is market segmentation? What are its objectives? Also explain the market segmentation process. [3 + 3 + 9 = 15]
18. Give the meaning of product life cycle. Describe the marketing strategies for maturity and saturation stages of product life cycle. [5 + 10]
19. Explain the meaning and features of advertising. Also explain any five types of advertising. [5 + 10]

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