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Foundation of Human Resources Management – BBS (TU) Question Paper 2071 | 2nd Year

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Human ResourcesTribhuvan University
Foundation of Human Resources Management (MGT 216)
B.B.S / Second Year / MGMT / Year: 2071 (2014)

Full Marks: 100 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group “A” (Short Answer Questions)
Attempt any EIGHT Questions. [8 X 10 = 80]

1. Define human resources management (HTM). Describe the objectives of HRM. [4 + 6]
2. What is human resources strategy? Explain the relationship between human resources planning and strategic planning. [4 + 6]
3. What is a job design? What are the benefits of job design? [4 + 6]
4. What is socialization? Explain the process of socialization. [4 + 6]
5. Describe the concept and cause of frustration. [5 + 5]
6. What is performance appraisal? Explain the graphic rating scale as a method of performance appraisal. [5 + 5]
7. Explain the current trends in compensation. [10]
8. Give your assessment on the employee discipline. What are the general guidelines in administering discipline in organizations? [10]
9. State and explain the training practices in Nepalese organizations. [10]
10. Explain the different actors involved in the industrial relations system. [10]

Group “B” (Comprehensive Answer Questions)
Attempt any ONE question. [1 X 20 = 20]

11. “HR planning is the process of anticipating future business and environmental demands in an organization and attempting to provide sufficient manpower required to fulfill business objectives.” In line of this statement describe the process of human resource planning.
12. What is compensation management? Discuss the different forms of incentives.

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