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Engineering Professional Practice – BE (PU) Question Paper 2010 | Semester: Spring

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bridge constructionPokhara University | Old Question Paper
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Engineering Professional Practice | Level: Bachelor
Year: 2010 | Semester : Spring

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Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 45 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. a) Describe the factors affection the morale of a professional? [12]
b) Discuss in brief about the elements of a society. [8]

2. a) What do you mean by social change? Discuss the sources of social change. [12]
b) Briefly discuss the essential requirements of a valid contract. [8]

3. a) What do you mean by tort, liability and negligence? How they affect the quality of professional work? [12]
b) Discuss about the partnership firm. [8]

4. a) Describe disciplinary action process in detail. [12]
b) Write notes on Any Two. [8]

i. Conflict
ii. Nepal Engineering Council
iii. Copy Right

5. A number of cracks, structural as well as settlement appeared in a building designed by an engineer within two years of its completion. Municipality had approved the design and drawing. Later it is found that without any soil investigation, structural design and detailing of reinforcement report was prepared. [20]

i. Discuss the position of the house owner
ii. The engineer’s role
iii. Municipal role

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