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Economics of Information and Communication – BIM (TU) Paper 2014 | 8th SEM

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Economics of InformationTribhuvan University | Faculty of Management
BIM / Eight Semester / Year: 2014 (2071)
ITC 230: Economics of Information and Communication

Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable.
Full Marks: 60 | Time: 3 Hrs

Group “A” – 1. Brief Answer Question: [10 X 1 = 10]

i. What are network externalities?
ii. What do you mean by experience good?
iii. What is hedging?
iv. What is explicit knowledge?
v. What is product personalization?
vi. Who losses from standard war?
vii. What is molecularization as theme of new economy?
viii. What is switching cost?
ix. What is arbitraging?
x. Define value subtracted versioning.

Group “B” – Short Answer Questions: [6 X 5 = 30]

2. What is information? Explain the total cost of production of information products.
3. What is transaction cost and information cost? Explain with suitable example.
4. What is price discrimination? Explain different types of price discrimination available with information products.
5. Explain trade-off to choose terms and conditions in right management of information products with suitable example.
6. Why do you choose Goldilocks pricing strategy? Explain.
7. What are the possible costs that have to be paid because of poor knowledge management?

Group “C” – Long Answer Question: [2 X 10 = 20]

8. What is positive feedback? What are the strategies for igniting positive feedback of information product? Explain in detail.
9. Who are speculators? Explain the role of speculators in economic activity also explain different types of speculation with suitable example.

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