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Data and File Structure – BE (PU) Question Paper 2010 | Semester: Spring

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Hard DrivePokhara University | Old Question Paper
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Data and File Structure | Level: Bachelor
Year: 2010 | Semester : Spring

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Question Paper is Given Below:

Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 45 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. a) What is data structure? How do you represent polynomial as an ADT? [7]
b) Write an algorithm to convert an infix expression to postfix expression. Evaluate the following post expression using stackt [8]


2. a) Discuss the advantage of circular queue over linear queue. Write a C/C ++ code to perform enqueue and dequeue operations on a circular queue in array implementation. [7]
b) Write an algorithm to insert an item at the beginning of a linked list and an algorithm to display the items of the list. [8]

3. a) What is tree traversal? Explain preorder, inorder and postorder tree traversal by constructing expression tree of the given expression. [7]


b) Define AVL tree. What is balancing factor of AVL tree? Construct AVL tree from the following data: [8]

50, 40, 70, 45, 43, 35, 25

a) Define max and min heap tree. Construct a min heap using following data: [6 +2]

44, 30, 50, 22, 60, 55, 77, 55.

b) What do you mean by thread? Explain inorder threading with example. [7]

4. a) Sort the following data using merge-sort algorithm: [7]

66, 33, 40, 22, 55, 88, 60, 11, 80, 20, 50, 44, 77

b) Describe primitive operation of file. [8]

5. a) Enlist the basic Unix file system commands along with their functions. Also explain the Unix file Directory structure. [8]
b) Assume that, we have 40,000 records each of size 100 bytes. If we want to store the file in a 6250 bpi tape that stores 200 bytes/block and inter block gap of 0.3 inches, how much tape is needed. If B. F. is made 50, what is the effect? [7]

6. a) Define the term file and record. What are the different methods that are used for organizing the field structure within the records of a file? Explain. [7]
b) How classes are used to manipulate buffer? How inheritance applied to record buffered class? [8]

7. Write short notes on any two: [2 X 5]

a) Divide and conquer algorithms
b) Huffman algorithm
c) Strength and weakness of CD-ROM

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