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Computer Science (Introductory) – Syllabus | B.Pharm (PU) First Semester

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Computer SciencePokhara University (PU) | Syllabus
Computer Science (Introductory)
B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
For: First Year | First Semester
CSC 191 | Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:
The objective of the course is to provide the students with a general view of computer architecture, its operation and application, familiarize the students with the existing technologies, and provide them with hands on experience on personal computers.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to Computers : 3 hours
    History of Computers, Classification of Computers, Functioning of Computers, Computer Hardware, Software, Firmware
  2. Number System : 6 hours
    Decimal number system, Binary number system, Hexadecimal number system, Octal number system, Conversion of a number from one system to other, Addition and Subtraction of binary numbers, Compliments, Subtraction by 2’s compliment method
  3. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates : 5 hours
    Introduction, Basic operations of Boolean algebra, DeMorgan’s Theorem, Boolean variable and function, Boolean postulates, Dual and compliments of Boolean expression, SOP and POS standard forms, Canonical forms of Boolean expression, Simplification of Boolean expressions by Karnaugh method, Logic Gates-AND, OR, NOT, NOR, XOR, XNOR
  4. Arithmetic Logic Unit and Memory Element : 2 hours
    Half adder, Full adder, Flip-flop, R-S flip-flop
  5. Memory : 3 hours
    Classification, RAM, ROM, Floppy disk, Hard disk
  6. Input Output Devices and Computer Network : 5 hours
    Role of input and output devices, Keyboard, Mouse, Scanners, MICR, Video terminals, Printers, Plotters, Digital to analog conversion, Introduction to computer network, Sharing, Network types
  7. Word Processing : 4 hours
    Introduction, Concept of file, Inputting the text, Formatting, Inserting the files and Symbols, Mail merge facility, Grammar checking, Auto correct feature (MS-Word is to be used)
  8. Spreadsheet Analysis : 4 hours
    Introduction to spreadsheets, Workbook and worksheet, Formula, Formatting and Graphics (MS-Excel is to be used)
  9. Database Management : 4 hours
    Data, Database, Input, Processing, Storage, Output (MS-Access is to be used)
  10. Internet and Multimedia : 4 hours
    Introduction to Internet, e-mail, Introduction to slide, Making a presentation (MS-PowerPoint is to be used)
  11. Programming Concepts : 5 hours
    Difference between a computer and calculator, Algorithm, Flowchart, Program, Programming language

Reference Books:

  1. B. Ram: Computer Fundamentals, 1999, Willey Eastern Publication, New Delhi.
  2. O. S. Lawrence: Schaum’s Outline of Computers & Business, 2000, Mc-Grew Hill International., New Delhi.
  3. Suresh Basandra: Computer Systems Today, 1999, Galgotia Publication, New Delhi.
  4. M. Busby and R. A. Stultz: Office 2000, 2000, BPB Publication, New Delhi.
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