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Computer Application – Syllabus | BBA (Pokhara University) First Semester

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Computer ApplicationPokhara University (PU)
Syllabus of “Computer Application”
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
For: First Year | First Semester
CMP 101.3 | Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:
This course aims to provide students with a skill in word processing, spread-sheet, data base, and use of power point, internet and e-mail. Students are required to undertake a project work under the supervision of the course director/teacher that will form the third internal evaluation test.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to Personal Computer: 8 hours
    History of computers, PC at a glance, Building blocks of PC, PC software, Micro, mini, main and super computers, Applications of computer, The input accessories, Considerations in buying a computer, Computer networking (simple definition of different types of network; star, ring, and bus typology
  2. Operating System: 8 hours
    What is an operating system, The DOS (involve different commonly used commands), Disadvantage of DOS, Windows operating system; setting, properties and installation guides, Software tools (utility programs)
  3. Word Processor: 8 hours
    Learn to use help, Opening, creating, saving, saving documents in different formats and printing documents, Password protection, Customization of MS Word to user’s requirements, Checking spelling, thesaurus and grammar, Editing, formatting and changing appearance of the page and merging documents, Importing graphics and creating drawing objects, Creating tables, Embedding and linking, Creating a hyperlink, Working with a long document, Customizing document (e.g. bullet and numbering, header and footer, printing area, putting a picture, and other techniques), Familiarization with Macro and Mail merge
  4. Spreadsheet: 8 hours
    Working with workbooks and worksheet, Entering data and selecting cells, Editing work-sheet data, Creating formula and working with charts, Creating drawing and working with pictures, Validating cell entries, sorting and conditional formatting, Making decision using Excel, Pivot tables. Graphs
  5. Presentation: 4 hours
    Rudiments of presentation, Creating presentation slides using Microsoft power point, Different techniques of presenting slides, Arranging and sorting slides, Animation and other effects
  6. Database: 4 hours
    Basic concepts of database, Table design, Form and report design using a single table
  7. Internet and E-mail: 2 hours
    MS Outlook and its configuration to setup e-mail account, Search engines
  8. Project Work: 6 hours
    Students are required to perform regular reporting and presentation in all of the above MS Office techniques. The student, with the consent of the course coordinator must submit a project that incorporates the use of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point

Text Book:

  1. Busby, Michael and Russel A. Stultz: Microsoft Office 2000, BPB Publications.

Reference Books:

  1. Ram B.: Computer Fundamentals, Willey Eastern Publication.
  2. Saxena S.: A First Course in Computers, Vikas Publishing.
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