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Communication Technique – BE (PU) Question Paper 2010 | Semester : Spring

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 Communication-TechniquePokhara University | Old Question Paper
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Communication Technique – Level: Bachelor
Year: 2010 | Semester : Spring

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Question Paper is Given Below:

Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 45 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [15]

As Tocqueville saw so well a century and a half ago and as all see now, democracy is based on equality. The desire for equality on the part of almost all men and women today is the force that drives democratic revolutions everywhere. But equality is not only political. That is, political equality, by itself, does not completely satisfy the democratic man or woman. A measure of economic equality is also needed.

Economic equality does not mean the possession by all of an equal amount of economic goods: money and the capitalist instruments of production. Few people today would claim, as some claimed in the past, that all citizens should possess the same amount of money before economic justice could be said to prevail. What is required is a more equitable distribution of wealth, so that all have enough to live decently, and a near absolute equality of opportunity. Absolute equality of possession is a chimera. Equality of opportunity is an ideal for which people will die.

There are many goods that can be called economic that do not consist of money. Among them are the right to a job, a good education, and a decent home. Most important is the right to pursue happiness, or opportunity, in your own way. A just government protects those rights and sees to it that they are not systematically abridged for any of its citizens, or class of citizens.

By that definition, there is no perfectly just government on earth. Democracy is the only perfect form of government, but no democratic government is perfect in practice. Nevertheless, tremendous progress has been made toward the ideal during the twentieth century.

i. What is meant by equality?
ii. What is economic equality?
iii. What does a fair and impartial government do?
iv. What is political equality? How does it contribute to strengthen democracy?
v. Which form of government is the best in your option? Justify.

2. Answer any three of the following questions. [5 X 3]

a) How can a nuclear family be extended?
b) According to Bertrand Russell how does wisdom grow in an individual?
c) Explain the degradation of the concept of beauty and the word “Beauty” itself.
d) What is the purpose of a preliminary survey of road foundations?
e) What is the grief of the old man and to whom does he turn to at last to tell it?

3. a) Imagine that you are the librarian of an engineering college. Write a memo to the Principal stating the problems of the library. [8]
b) Imagine that you are a Diploma holder. Write a job application for a post of “Junior Engineer” as advertised in The Kathmandu Post. [7]

4. a) Write a summary after reading the following passage. [7]

According to the Big Bang theory, some time about ten or perhaps twenty billion years ago the universe began to expand very rapidly from a highly compressed primordial state, which resulted in a significant decrease in density and temperature. The first few seconds of the expansion were critical for the development of the universe as we observe it today. The statistical dominance of matter over antimatter seems to have been established, many types of elementary particles may have been present, and certain nuclei may have been formed. The theory allows us to predict that definite amounts of hydrogen, helium, and lithium would have been produced. After about a million years the universe was sufficiently cooled down for the simplest atoms to form the nuclei collecting electrons in circling clouds. The radiation that filled the proto-universe was then free to travel, thus, in a manner, creating space.

As the universe expanded farther and farther, heavier atoms were formed. These were the elements we know, the lightest first and the heaviest last. Then came molecules and clusters of molecules, then clouds of gas, then stars, then galaxies, then clusters of galaxies. Always, however, the universe kept on expanding.

Where did this happen? Where was the primordial matter before the explosion occurred? The question is meaningless. The theory is based on two assumptions, one of them unexceptionable, the other most mysterious. It is assumed, first, that Einstein’s theory of general relativity correctly describes the gravitational interaction of all matter, now, then, and forever. It would be hard to deny this fact or to assume anything else.

The second assumption, called the cosmological principle, implies that the universe has no center and no edge, so that the Big Bang origin occurred not at a particular point but rather throughout space at the same time, and is still being created. In effect, this is to say that space was created by the universe as it expanded. There never was anything outside the universe. There is nothing outside of it now.

b) Prepare a technical talk on the present condition of the technical education in Nepal. [8]

5. A company is planning to set up a branch of shoe unit in a small village 5 km far from Kathmandu. You are asked to prepare a suitable report about the feasibility of starting the factory. Mention the availability of raw materials and labor in the area in your report. Furnish your report with Introduction, Procedure of Data Collection, Analysis of Data and Conclusion & Recommendation. [15]

6. a) Imagine that you are the reporting secretary for the fifth meeting of the executive committee of your sports club. As the secretary, write the minutes of the meeting assuming the agenda to be as follows. [7]

5.01 Appointment of a new coach for football match
5.02 Conduct of football competition
5.03 Invitation to the players
5.04 Prize distribution and closing ceremony of the competition
5.05 Schedule for the next meeting

b) Describe in about 150-200 words on the Utilization of Water Resources for the Development of the Country. [8]

7. a) Change the following as directed in the bracket. [5]

i. Mr. Ramesh Yadav should be dropped from the team (AmE)
ii. Pass this piece of paper to him (highly Polite)
iii. Ram is my neighbour (BrE)
iv. She has gotten a new fancy dress as her berthday gift (BrE)
v. To whom were you talking? (formal)

b) Transform the following as indicated [5]

i. Although he studied hard he could not secure good marks (Simple).
ii. If she does not consult a doctor, she will face serious consequences (Compound).
iii. He enjoyed reading the book. I purchased the book (Complex).
iv. To wipe out corruption, the corrupt should be punished (Compound).
v. He has improved his relation with her after is mother’s suggestion (compound).

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