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Business Mathematics – Syllabus | BBA (Pokhara University) Second Semester

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Business MathematicsPokhara University (PU)
Syllabus of “Business Mathematics II”
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
For: First Year | Second Semester
MTH 102.3 | Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:
This Course aims to provide students with a sound understanding of calculus and linear algebra for business decisions.

Course Contents:

  1. Applications of Derivatives: 5 hours
    Revenue, Cost and Profit Applications, Marginal approach to profit maximization, Elasticity, Market model
  2. Functions of Several Variables: 6 hours
    Functions of variables, Partial derivatives, Partial and total differentials, Higher order differentials
  3. Optimization: Functions of Several Variables: 7 hours
    Maxima and minima of functions of several variables, Lagrange multiplier and constrained optimization, Competitive equilibrium of a firm, Monopoly price and output, Discriminating monopolists
  4. Integration and its Applications: 10 hours
    Indefinite integrals, Techniques of integration, Definite integrals, Improper integrals, Applications, Ordinary differential equations
  5. Series: 4 hours
    Series; geometric series, Taylor series
  6. Vector: 5 hours
    Vector; vector spaces, Linear dependence, Basis
  7. Matrices and Determinant: 11 hours
    Types of matrices, Matrix operations, Matrix representation of equations, Determinant, Inverse of a matrix, Cramer’s rule, Applications of matrix algebra, Input Output model.

Text Book:

  1. Budnick, Frank S.: Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics and the Social Sciences, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc

Reference Books:

  1. Yamane, Taro: Mathematics for Economist: An Elementary Survey, Second Edition, Prentice Hall of India.
  2. Chiang, Alpha C.: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, McGraw-Hill International.
  3. Goldstein Larry J., David C. Lay and David I. Schneider: Calculus and its Applications, Prentice Hall of International
  4. Shrestha and Thakurathi: Mathematics for Business and Economics, Buddha Academic Enterprises.
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