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Business English – BBS (TU 4 Years) Question Paper 2072 | First Year

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Business EnglishTribhuvan University (TU)
B.B.S. (4 Years Program) / MGMT
Business English (MGT 201)
Year: 2072 / First (I) Year

Full Marks: 100 | Time: 3 hrs.
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt ALL the questions.
1. Answer any TWO of the following: [2 X 15 = 30]

  1. Apply ‘the four levels of reading a text’ to “King John and the Abbot of Canterbury” or Prashu Pradhan’s “The Telegram on the Table.”
  2. Some psychologists criticize the birth-order theory as being wrong and unscientific. What is your position? Do you find the birth-order theory believable? You can base your answer on Lucille K. Forer’s “How Your Birth Order Influences Your Life Adjustment.”
  3. Who would you argue for being more intelligent: men or women? Why? You can use Bertrand Russell’s ideas as given in the essay “Keeping Errors at Bay”.

2. Answer any FIVE of the following: [5 X 10 = 50]

(a) Sometimes metaphors are based on other than single words or short phrases. An example is where a question is used as a command, for example “Would like to open the window” spoken by a general to a private. This is not a request for information about what the private would like to do!
Consider the following questions and statements and think of the context in which they would have a different force from the most obvious or ‘literal.’

(1) I am hungry!
(2) Is that an ice cream parlour?
(3) Do you have tence pence?
(4) You will not do that ever again.
(5) Does that give you pleasure?

(b) Explain whether the Litvk is a critical thinker in your view, does he carry his scepticism too far? Why or why not?
(c) Order the following letter ‘goodbyes’ in a list with the most formal at the top and the most familiar at the bottom items, which you think are of equal status can be listed together.

Yours, Yours truly, Yours respectfully, Sincerely, Love from, Luv, Yours faithfully, Yours affectionate niece, Your obedient servant, With all my love

(d) Combine each pair of sentences into one complex sentence. Use the subordinating conjunctions in parentheses.

  1. people harvested the apples. They stored them in cottars. (after)
  2. They saved enough money. They took a great vacation. (as soon as)
  3. She thought carefully about which gift to buy. She bought the more expensive one. (before)
  4. She paid for my college. She retired. (after)
  5. He went straight to his lab. He got up. (when)

(e) Describe a loving couple you know whose relationship is an example to others.
(f) What makes a good teacher? Compare two good teachers that you have had. What were the similarities and differences between them? What conclusion can you draw about effective teaching?

3. Answer any TEN of the following: [10 X 2 = 20]

a) Present the main point of “A 1996 Commencement Speech” in a sentence.
b) Combine the ideas below so that they form one sentences with an if clause.

  1. money / managers / be disciplined / achieve financial goals
  2. you / exercise regularly / be healthy in old age

c) Circle the correct quantity expressions in each sentence.

  1. (A little / several) Bills in congress have tried to protect internet users from fraud.
  2. (Money / a lot of) creativity is necessary for certain types of technology jobs.

d) Add two adjectives for each of the sentences.

  1. The house was located on a ………………., ………………. Street.
  2. She enjoyed the ………………, ……………………….. dinner.

c) Identify the purpose of the paragraph that flows logically from each topic sentence below.

i. Almost anyone can get a good grade if they follow these instructions.

(1) Express an opinion.
(2) Tell steps in a process.
(3) Narrate a story.

ii. I will always remember a fishing trip that I took with my father when I was 12 years old.

(1) Compare two subjects.
(2) Explain causes and effects.
(3) Narrate a story.

f) What is the ideological difference between the two expression in each set?

(1) Beautiful girl / intelligent girl
(2) Terrorists / freedom fighter

g) Write the following simple sentences into a complex sentence.

Bruno had to absorb a cracking left hook.
Bruno lauded a thumping overhand right.
But Bruno them had to give ground.
Coetzer got through with his share of blows.
It was a hard close first round.

h) Rewrite the following passage using ‘one’ in place of ‘you’. Then you turn to internal security, and yet, you have got to be strong on law and order, and do the things only governments can do, but there, its part government and part people, because you can’t have law and order observed unless it is in partnership with people.

i) Comment on the use of verbal mime in the following quotation from a poem by e.e. Cummings.
Anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)

J) Choose the better of the two words within parentheses and rewrite each item as one sentence.
One writer feels that good lies lead to a good marriage a person should lie in order not to hurt the spouse’s feeling. (however / in other words).

k) Read the sentences and add apostrophes where necessary.

  1. The students assignments in Professor Browns section are longer than ours.
  2. Who going to meet Phyllis Flight tomorrow night – her husband or her sons?

l) Delouse the following sentences:

  1. I can understand why a system build on a pattern must tries to destroy the free mind.
  2. I love him so much. Intelligent and kind.
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