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Business Communication – Syllabus | BBA (Pokhara University) Third Semester

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Business CommunicationPokhara University (PU)
Business Communication – Syllabus
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
For: Second Year | Third Semester
ENG 103.3 | Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:
This course aims to impart to students the knowledge of effective written and oral communication skills for handling business operations.

Course Contents:

  1. Communication in Workplace: 5 hours
    The role of communication in business, business communication model, perception and reality, communication malfunctions
  2. Fundamentals Business Writing: 5 hours
    Adaptation and selection of words, construction of clear sentences and paragraphs, writing for effect
  3. Quality of Effective Correspondence: 6 hours
    Objectives of business letter, primary goal, conversational style, you-viewpoint, positive language, courtesy, emphasis by position and sentence structure, coherence in letter, problems of cultural difference, ethics and public relations writing
  4. Business Correspondence: 10 hours
    Direct inquiry, indirect situations, persuasive requests and collections, sales and applications, memorandums
  5. Business Report Writing: 6 hours
    Basic of report writing and readability management, report structures, graphics and visual aspects of report writing
  6. Public Speaking and Oral Reporting: 5 hours
    Making formal speeches: Selection of topic, presentation method, audience analysis, appearance and bodily action, use of voice and visual aids, Oral reporting: definition, differences between oral and written reports, planning the oral report, problems for speeches and oral reports
  7. Additional Oral Communication Activities: 5 hours
    Conducting and participating in meetings, using the telephone, interview, listening
  8. Nonverbal Communication: 3 hours
    Definition, classification of nonverbal communication
  9. Selected Topics: 3 hours
    Technology-enabled communication, tools for presentation, cross-cultural communication

Text Books:

  1. Lesikar, Raymond V. and John D. Pettit Jr.: Business Communication: Theory and Practice, Irwin Inc: India.
  2. Lesikar, Raymond V., John D. Pettit Jr. and Marie E. Flatley: Business Communication, Irwin.
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