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Building Electrical System and Illumination – BE (PU) Question Paper 2010 | SEM : Spring

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Building Electrical System and IlluminationPokhara University | Old Question Paper
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Building Electrical System and Illumination
Level: Bachelor
Year: 2010 | Semester : Spring

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Question Paper is Given Below:

Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 45 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. a. What do you mean by voltage swell? Explain how voltage swell occurs. [5]
b. What do you mean by Raceways and Busways? Explain different types of Busways. [5]
c. Explain different type of wiring used for internal wiring. [5]

2. a. Explain how the AC and DC distribution system is classified? Discuss the principle requirement of distribution system. [8]
b. A 500 meter long two wire dc mains is fed from both ends at 220 V, loads of 20 A, 40A, 50A and 30A are tapped at distance of 100m, 250m, 350m and 400m from the end A respectively. If the area of cross section of distributor conductor is 1cm2, find the minimum consumer voltage. (ρ=1.7×10-6 Ω m). [7]

3. a. What are the origin of flicker voltage? Discuss the types of flickers. [8]
b. How symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults differ? Explain the significance of fault calculation for the building electrical and illumination systems. [7]

4. a. Explain the construction and working principle of fluorescent lamp. [7]
b. A commercial complex 60m X 25m is to be illuminated by flood lighting projectors situated 30 meters away. If the illumination is 90 lux, coefficient of utilization 0.4, depreciation. Factor 1.5, waste light factor 1.2, estimate the number and size of projector. Sketch the projector recommended indicating the adjustment provided. [8]

5. a. A Drawing hall 60m ×25m × 5.5m is to be illuminated with lamp to an average illumination of 100 lumen/m2 on a working plane 1m above the floor. Estimate suitable number, size and mounting height of lamps. Sketch the spacing layout. Assume coefficient of utilization of 0.5, depreciation factor of 1.2 and space-height ratio of 1.2. [8]

Size of lamps200W300W500W
Luminous efficiency (Lm/W)151822

b. Explain Tree and distribution board system of distribution with its drawings. [7]

6. For the layout for a domestic building given below: [15]

  1. Calculate the Total load required.
  2. Give the single line diagram for distribution board plan from energy meter.
  3. Wiring diagram showing the connection of each point.

Building Electrical System and Illumination - Fig 1

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