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B.Sc.Ag. (TU) Question Paper 2068 – Pig and Poultry Production | 3rd SEM

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Pig FarmingOld Question Paper for B.Sc. Ag. – Final Examination
Subject: Pig and Poultry Production
Tribhuvan University (TU)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS)

Level: B.Sc. Ag Third Semester | Year: 2068(2011)
Full Marks: 20 | Pass Marks: 8 | Time: 1:30 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figure in the margin indicate full marks.

Long Questions: [1 X 6 = 6]

1. “Poultry enterprise is becoming popular in Nepal”. Justify this statement along with its scope.

Short Questions (Attempt Any Seven) [7 X 2 = 14]

2. Write about general care and management of pregnant sow.
3. Why housing is important for poultry? Write about one common poultry housing system, which is popular in Nepal.
4. What do you mean by brooding? Also write about temperature management in brooder.
5. What is the importance of light in laying birds? Also, mention the light management in layers.
6. Write general breed characteristics of following breeds (any two):

a. Pakhribas black
b. Hampshire
c. New Hampshire

7. Draw a well-labeled diagram of egg laying system of poultry.
8. What are the factors essential for best hatching?
9. Write short notes on (any two):

a. Structure of egg
b. Incubation
c. Biosecurity

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