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B.Sc.Ag (TU) Question Paper 2068 – Grain Legumes & Oilseed Production | 3rd SEM

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Sun FlowerOld Question Paper for B.Sc. Ag. – Final Examination
Subject: Grain Legumes and Oilseed Production
Tribhuvan University (TU)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS)

Level: B.Sc. Ag 3rd Semester | Year: 2068 (2011)
Full Marks: 20 | Pass Marks: 8 | Time: 1.30 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Essay type Questions: [6]

1. Suggest datewise sequence of activities for growing mustard in Chitwan.

Short Questions (Attempt Any Seven) [7 X 2 = 14]

2. What do you know about ennoculation of seed of legumes?
3. Write botanical name of groundnut, lentil and chickpea and their crop duration.
4. Write about nitrogen and phosphorus management in chickpea.
5. Write recommended verities of tori and juncea with their yield potential.
6. Why tori production in Chitwan has gone down?
7. Suggest about irrigation management in the cultivation of juncea.
8. Suggest suitable soil and weed management practices for lentil cultivation to farmers of your locality.
9. Write short notes on the following:

a. Broomrape in tori
b. Uses of brassica oilseed.

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