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B.Sc.Ag (TU) Question Paper 2067 – Fruit & Plantation Crop Production | 3rd SEM

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Apple ProductionOld Question Paper for B.Sc. Ag. – Final Examination
Subject: Fruit and Plantation Crop Production
Tribhuvan University (TU)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS)

Level: B.Sc. Ag Third Semester | Year: 2067 (2010)
Full Marks: 40 | Pass Marks: 16 | Time: 2:00 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicates full marks.

Essay Type Questions: [10]

1. Write cultivation of Apple under following heads:

a) Rootstock
b) Climate Requirement
c) Alternate Bearing
d) Role of Pollinizer
e) Insect Pest.

Short Questions (Attempt Any Ten) [10 X 3 = 30]

2. What are the differences between European plum & Japanese Plum?
3. Describe any two physiological disorders of Mango.
4. Write two techniques of improving fruit quality of Grapes.
5. Explain the propagation and botany of papaya plant.
6. Write briefly about processing of parchment coffee.
7. Mention about the soil and climatic requirement of Litchi and Walnut.
8. Describe two training systems for strawberry.
9. Write down the cultivation practices followed in Banana under the following heads:

a) Planting
b) Desuckering
c) Deflowering

10. Write down the names of five popular verities of following any four crops:

a) Mango
b) Guava
c) Jackfruit
d) Litchi
e) Peach
f) Apricot

11. Write short notes on (any two)

a) CTC tea
b) Fruit drop in Citrus
c) Propagation of Pineapple.

12. Enlist any six miner fruits and indigenous fruits with common name, Nepali name and Scientific name.

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