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BBS (TU) Question Paper 2055 – Compulsory English | First Year

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English ManTribhuvan University | Old is Gold
Question Paper of Compulsory English
For: BBS First Year | Year: 2055

Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 35 | Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figure in the margin indicates full marks:

  1. Consider yourself as a very successful proprietor of a business house. Write a report of your success story highlighting your strategies and rationale of your actions. [15]
  2. Prepare a resume to go along with an application for the post of an insurance agent or a shop assistant. [15]
  3. Retell the plot of “King David’s Crime” or “The Lady with the Dog” in one long paragraph. [10]
  4. “Marriage as a Private Affair” resolves around the conflict between Nnaemeka and his father. “King John and the Abbot of Canterbury” recounts a conflict between the king and the abbot. Now, answer the following on either the story or the poem. [15]
    a. Explain the reason for this conflict.
    b. Is this conflict ever resolved?
    c. Relate a conflict from your own life.
  5. Oursler believes that the incident he describes provides “the great answer to the riddle or life” Answer the following question; [15]
    a) What is the answer?
    b) Do you agree with him?
    c) Would Oursler approve of the way you conduct your life?
    In your view, is walking in a park in the company or one’s friend better that trying to improve one’s financial conditions? Give a reasoned answer.
  6. Improve the following sentences: [15]
    a. My one source of support are my relatives.
    b. There is no life in Mars, Jupiter, or on Venus.
    c. At this point of time, I want to go home.
    d. Pollution in a problem both in the city and the country.
    e. Padma procrastinated about where he ate dinner.
  7. Apply the four levels of reading a test (literal comprehension, interpretation, critical thinking, and assimilation) to “The Selfish Giant” or “The Most Dangerous Game”. [15]
  8. Is there a fundamental difference, do you think, between a dying human being and a dying moth? Explain. [15]


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