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B.Sc. Ag (TU) Question Paper 2070 – Fruit & Plantation Crop Production | Third Semester

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Litchi fruitsOld Question Paper for B.Sc. Ag. – Final Examination
Subject: Fruit and Plantation Crop Production
Tribhuvan University (TU)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS)

Level: B.Sc. Ag 3rd Semester | Year: 2070(2013)
Full Marks: 40 | Pass Marks: 16 | Time: 2:00 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicates full marks.

Essay Type Questions: [10]

1. Describe the cultivation practices of mango on the following headings:
a. Climate and soil
b. Orchard planning and planting
c. Varieties
d. Propagation
e. Control of Alternate bearing

Short Questions (Attempt Any Ten) [10 X 3 = 30]

2. Briefly describe the future scope of fruit development in Nepal.
3. Define citrus greening. Discuss its causes and control measures.
4. What do you mean by graft incompatibility? Give the points that require for successful grafting.
5. Briefly describe the different training systems of grape vine.
6. Write down the cultivation practices of Coffee or Tea on the following headings:

a. Climate and soil
b. Intercultural operation
c. Varieties
d. Processing

7. Briefly describe the pineapple or papaya cultivation.
8. What are the possibilities and problems of apple and pear cultivation?
9. Write short notes on (any three):

a. Guava wilt
b. Climacteric fruit
c. Parthenocarpy fruit
d. Matted row of training strawberry

10. Enlist any four varieties of four fruit crops:

a. Peach
b. Guava
c. Banana
d. Sweet orange
e. Jack Fruit

11. Mention suitable soil and climate for Litchi cultivation and describe the fruit cracking problem in litchi.
12. Enlist ten indigenous under exploited fruit crops with their common name, botanical name and family.

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