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About Us

#MeroSpark – We are very thankful to Our readers/Subscribers

MeroSpark is defining the new era of education in Nepal. This site is designed to provide Reference notes of Different Academic  level such as Class 8 – SLC – HSEB – CTEVT- and Above. Beside that we inform important events, notice which are published by associated educational department.


Our website is web blog through which we share notes. Our all the post are categorized in systematic way. You are able to find out all the categories from the ‘Categories’ or ‘Tag Cloud’ box. As feedback is very important in any aspect, so we have added the comment section where you can able to write your review or suggestion, this will helps us as advice or suggestion and the encouragement. We feel easy to decide what to post or to which subject we must give more priority. The post content title show the property of the entire notes, and second header contain that to which subject, class and lesson does the notes belongs. We have done it all for minimizing difficulties to surf our site. Our website represent notes in simple language which helps to understand easily to all level of students. We hope our website is helping the students from different corner.

Our Story:

Although was founded in 2014, but it had some years back story. First it was started with by Hari Prasad Chaudhary in 2012, which was based on blogger platform. As it gets more popularity and student engagement we upgrade it into in 2013 , this was also on Blogger platform. This both blog provide notes for HSEB students, partially below and above it. It also get great height and ranking in one year. Our team think why not we extend more features. So MeroSpark is ready for all level students. We hope our members will help in future in its improvement.

Our Team:

Founder/Developer/Apps Developer/Designer/System Administrator:
Hari Prasad Chaudhary (Twitter: @hpc_hari)

Content Adviser(Above +2):
Krishna Chaudhary

Content Management/Advisor:
Joram Rana , Ujjwal Joshi

Content Management/Creator:
Digvijay Chaudhary

Social Media Advertiser:
Kritagya Shahi, Ganga Ram Dhungana, Adarsh ojha, Yogesh Chaudhary, Amit Chaudhary

Khem Chandra Joshi, Adarsh Ojha, Smriti Bam, Aanchal Bhatta, Ruth Nepali, Roshan pant, Khem Bhatta

Special Thanks to: 
Govind Prashad Joshi, Om Prakash Pandya, Raj Nath Ojha, Pusparaj Ojha, Raazeev Man Dongol

Its very important to have a suggestion, advice, argument, Complain and compliment from others for the betterment of any things. we hope such comments, suggestion from you all. We always welcome it and we make them the power for the betterment of our site. So please feel free to comment on our blog post or on other section.